Daily Blog #286: Abbi’s “fun” 30 day workout challenge

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today is Wednesday, April 14, 2021, and it is around 2:30 PM. I just finished writing a blog post all about how you should write, right now, and I figured I would use that momentum to also start this blog post, all about my newest thirty day work out challenge I am doing. (But I think this blog will get posted first. That’s blog limbo for you.) 

I am hoping to have more success with this one, as my last one was made with my life in a different place, and I failed, completely. 

This challenge, I am starting out my holding myself accountable and blogging about it, and I think I will also make a little graphic to mark off days to actually make sure I hold myself accountable. 

So, this challenge is a fun one, and by “fun” I mean…a totally different word that starts with F, in my opinion. 

The challenge stems from a conversation with my friend Drew, about how doing sixty jumping jacks a day has some enormous health benefits, namely cardiovascular health, which, as someone who smoked entirely too much in her twenties, and wants lungs strong enough to keep smoking cannabis, I need goo cardiovascular health. Plus, you know, I don’t wanna die young. 

The problem is, I fucking hate jumping jacks. They don’t feel like they are working enough of my body, even if they are, they don’t *feel* like it, and while they do give me great cardio, for like the sixty seconds I struggle bus with it, I don’t enjoy it, and my boobs bounce everywhere no matter the bra i use, and this is made worse at certain times of the month when I already don’t wanna work out. 

The boobs thing isn’t that bad, I do have a bra that helps, but I really don’t love jumping jacks, and they don’t feel as helpful. 

So there I was ranting to Drew about it, and he brought up that I feel mountain climbers are helpful, because damn, do you feel the fucking burn with those, and I was forced to admit that, yes, I did know they were good for me. 

Then, Drew said the words that I will one day curse him for, and asked if I had considered doing 60 mountain climbers a day. 

And here we are. 

So, I have, as you all know, been wanting to do more yoga, and my challenge, I knew, I wanted to include something good that I wanted, like Yoga, and something that was good that I wanted, but also that sucked and would have a high intensity type element. 

And that was the mountain climbers. So my challenge is, every day, thirty minutes if yoga, and 60 mountain climbers, for thirty days. 

I am on day three. This is a blog post to force the accountability I need to actually do it for thirty days and see how I do. 

I have a few other things I am doing in this thirty day period, that all also may contribute to a glow up, but I haven’t decided what all I want to talk about online, and some things I may want to talk about later. 

So for now, I am on day three, of my thirty day challenge, to do thirty minutes of yoga and sixty mountain climbers a day. Subscribe/follow the blog to see how I do, and feel free to join me, if you are insane, or feeling “fun”. 

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading, 



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