Daily Blog #293: Three part journal entry with some action at the end.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers! 

Today we are trying something a little different by way of journal prompts, because i want to talk about the things you should be doing outside of journaling, that your journaling will inform you of. (Side note- this works for journaling, and is also a GREAT exercise for use with bullet journals because it has action plans, so all types of journalers can benefit from this.) 

This post is going to be us exploring a topic many of us struggle with, and that tends to involve physical things in the world, but also mental health things, and all need to be journaled about, and then solutions enacted- Thus this blog. 

We are going to start with some G.Y.S.T type things, (For those who haven’t read this blog, Get Your Shit Together) So, this blog exercise will focus on us journaling about things and then putting some solutions to play- Join along!

Where do you need to find more organization in your life?

Keep in mind, this is a prompt, and is meant to explore all of the ways you are disorganized, and why you are such. Don’t just say “the corner by the door” explain that the corner by the door is a dumping ground, and everyone drops all their crap there, and frankly, mentally, it is easier to allow the dumping, allow the disorganized chaos, then to fight for the peace of a clean and tidy corner. 

Really dig into what exactly is unorganized. These can be mental things too, maybe your thoughts are disorganized. Sometimes writing them down can help you find clarity, or at least allows you to lay your hands on the problem, and start working through the chaos. 

Just like you need to do with that corner. 

Once you have journaled about exactly what is disorganized, and why, move onto the next prompt. 

How is this disorganization impacting my life? 

Make note of things like how over time that corner makes you made because you feel you have compromised your boundaries by “not fighting for the clean”, or maybe you are mad that no one wants to help, and you carry that anger with you for no reason, until it spills over. 

Maybe the messy thoughts lead to restless nights of sleep, short temper, or even has you reaching for unhealthy foods when you committed to eating better. 

Even if it hurts to address how these feelings are impacting you, it is important in this process to actually look at the problem and confront it, including your own feelings, emotions, and reactions, to the problem. 

Now that you have journaled all of this, you have likely realized you should attack these problems. These disorganized things are impacting your mental health and overall life. The messy corner has you fumbling for your shoes and jacket, you trip over things constantly, you are always annoyed about the corner, and you really should just fix it. 

Your disorganized thoughts are making your personal commitments to health, your dedication to work out, your dedication to eat better, your commitment to be around your friends and or spouse more, and the time you do get isn’t quality, the work out isn’t as lucrative, your time with people isn’t quality, etc etc. 

You need to fix things. 

So, journal the solution. Your final prompt, which you may have even already touched on: 

What is the best plan and solution for this disorganization that is causing you trouble. 

Is it is your thoughts, the solution may be much more journaling, talking to someone, a long walk, or maybe even a therapist or counselor. 

If it is a messy corner, a room that needs organization, a pantry that is a mess….Make a list. Do you need things to organize it, would some hooks help hang jackets, is there a solution for the messy shoes…Pinterest often has plenty of answers for organization, and savvy bloggers even use amazon affiliate links to help you buy the items you need, and let them get a few pennies for their efforts. 


So: Make a list, a plan of attack, a course of action, for how attack this problem that is causing you unrest, and then, do whatever shopping or planning you need to make this happen. Hit the store, search online, recruit help if needed, and get to work. 

You are worth organizing the messy that makes you unhappy. 

You are worth the efforts it takes now to be happy long term. 

Thank you for journaling, and as always,

Thanks for reading,



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