Daily Blog #299: Multi day travel blog discussing changes

Greetings and salutations, Blog Readers!

Currently it is Friday, June 4, 2021, at around 4:30 AM- and I am about an hour early for my flight so I opted to work on the blog, since I have yet to do the blog work I wanted to do this week. Instead of that work I had to opt into job hunting, which is ongoing. I am actually in this airport- fully masked up and very socially distanced, so I can fly for some job seeking purposes, and also social, reasons. 

I am also looking at this area I am traveling to, as a potential place to move, so I plan to use my time there to see if it is a good fit for me, at least a fit that will work, since the job market may demand such changes anyways. 

I will say this- I wish some people would stop…being so fucking annoying. I have a lady sitting practically on top of me- IN A PANDEMIC- for….reasons? I posted the whole fun annoying situation on my Snapchat. Follow me to see in real time updates about people who can’t read a room. 

You just know she doesn’t wash hands.


I am off to check out a new place, new city, new situation all in all. I think it may be good for me, honestly, to get a change of scenery, fresh start, new options….I love Houston, as you all know, but, honestly, I think it is time to move on. 

Anyways- I wanna edit my videos I filmed, so I will update more on the flight maybe. 

Update from my Snapchat account- Follow me there- @AbbiGrasso for daily content.

Days later-

Updating on the plane was not an option. The plane became very booked, very fast, and then mechanical delays led to two hours in delays- and the flight was only supposed to take two hours. I couldn’t get to my laptop- but someone insisting on putting their seat back, which made pulling my laptop out silly- too crowded and the WiFi wasn’t working anyways. 

With these long nails I have on, I am typing so slow anyways, so it hardly made sense to pull out my laptop. 

Anyways, my trip has been lovely, I have one full day left here, and then I will return home for a week or two at least. Or less. Depends on jobs. 


Okay it’s the next day, I peeled my nails off, and now I can actually fucking type. 

Here we go!

So, I have had a lovely time here, and I really think I may see myself moving here soon. I know I have spoken before about how I will be moving, but I do think I could maybe be happy here, or at least mess around and see. 

I am filled with energy and inspiration now, finally starting to get the nudge and efforts I need to make the leaps and jumps in my life that I want to make. More of my embracing whatever it is that the universe has in store for me. 

And the more I give in to what the universe has in store for me, the more the universe has no problem letting what’s in store for me be good. For so many years I have had doubts about what I wanted to do, and what I was doing, but lately its all seemed much more clear, and I have been much more sure of the path I am on. 

I have had to take steps back, from everything, including the blog, my YouTube channel, and even keeping my apartment tidy, but I am finally finding the energy to get myself back on track. I think when I land back home tomorrow, and manage to get home, I will be able to get myself on the correct path. The final purge of stuff I don’t need in the apartment, donate and sell what I don’t want, need, or serves me, and get back on my content game with a more clear head.

I am still, of course, searching for a job in basically my every waking moment, but I feel I may have success, soon, with finding something that is doable. I don’t know why, I just do. 

Maybe I am manifesting it, hell, my manifestation powers have been strong lately, and I am into that. 

Probably because I am giving myself into the changes the universe has for me, instead of fighting them every damn step of the way. 

My stress and depression are down, even if the anxiety has had spikes from the whole “not being in control” thing but I am also seeing how much my sense of control was a large lie I told myself in lieu of an actual security blanket. 

Maybe I’ll get a weighted blanket. 

Anyways, I have meant to blog a lot more this trip, but I have been busy giving into the changes the universe has for me, and I am hoping to blog again soon- about my life. Maybe tomorrow on the plane I will discuss some of the trip…

But I do know more trips are coming, so I may save that for then. I have no small amount of content that I want to work on, including this blog, and my YouTube channel, along with the much requested writers course I have been working on, and some other fun writing stuff.

I have a lot of changes coming, and they have all been planned for, accounted for, and manifested. These are changes I have waited for, hoped for, prayed for, manifested…And finally I am able to let go of some of my own bullshit, and give into it.

I am finally able to be excited, hopeful, and content in the knowledge that I am on the right path. 

I am…Truly on a path that will lead to the life I have been working for. All I had to do was start to get out of my own way a little bit, and stop letting people who don’t have my best interests in mind, be in my life. 

I will likely work on a longer blog, all about the changes in my life, be them things I am changing or that the universe is changing with me giving into it, but for now…

Get out of your own way. I can’t express enough how much this has been such a huge change in my life, and how much happier I am, already. 

Thanks for reading, 



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