Daily Blog #390: Book Review for “No Turning Back” Book Three in the “Fall of Houston” series by T.L. Payne

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Cover of “No Turning Back” Book Three in the Fall of Houston Series by T.L. Payne

Today I am reviewing the next book in the “Fall of Houston” series, “No Turning Back” by T. L. Payne.

As these books are pretty quick reads, and I have a GIANT stack of books to review, I will be making this brief. Also, I don’t want to spoil too much, I would rather encourage you to read this book!

This is the third book in the series, so please feel free to check out the other reviews of books one and two, or the book series that led me to this one, the “Days of Want Series” which I also reviewed.

This book picks up right where the last one left off, after a notable battle at a military base, the group that is composed of Will and his son Cayden, along with Isabella, are trying to make their way to Will’s sister’s house in Savannah.

The foreign attacks that led to all the lights going out, at the same time a hurricane was barreling in towards Houston, led to a harder trip than expected when the group had tried to evacuate, and now that the hurricane has passed, but other problems remain.

As with any disaster, more so one of this magnitude, there are people who mean ill on the roads, and, as this book covers in more detail, there are also soldiers from foreign countries causing problems for travelers.

So, the group makes their way out of the City of Houston, heading towards Savannah and her self-sufficient property in Louisiana, which as it’s own set of problems, many of which Savannah is dealing with.

Savannah has been trying to keep her portion of the community together, fighting back a nearby neighborhood of well-off people who are killing people and taking their supplies.

These people have had no problem murdering innocent people to claim their supplies as their own, and this is in addition to the problems going on in town, problems that Will would soon learn about when they arrive to the town. (You can too if you go grab a copy of this book and read it!)

Eventually, the group does manage to Savannah’s, with no small amount of excitement in getting there, and the groups combine. Now we get to enjoy more of the series arc, with involves the attack on the country, and the ongoing war that ensued.

We see the soldiers from other countries on domestic soil, we see the possibility of the group having to consider leaving the self sustaining property, we see the groups, now combined, getting no reprieve, as the actions of the attack led to long term problems. Where once we were dealing with the attacks and the hurricane, now we have to deal with more of the fallout from the attacks themselves, and the war the country now finds itself in.

This book sets up the remainder of the series, in the way that T.L. Payne does so beautifully, which makes all of their series so wonderful. These books are great, quick reads that flow seamlessly from one book to another, so I highly suggest you check it out and give it a read!

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