Daily Blog #316- The Saga of getting new glasses 

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Behold, a blog I have talked about, and now am doing. This is a blog about my chronicle of needing new glasses…and all the emotions that went into it…so let’s get into it. 

First, it was morning, a simple enough moment, and I reached for my glasses. I slipped them on my face. My right arm of my glasses breaks off, flies from the glasses, and lands, sadly, broken, on the floor. 

Let’s rewind. 

For those who don’t know, I have a long history with glasses and sight, some of which I chronicled in an old blog- Girls in glasses don’t give a damn about anyone’s passes- but, the long and short of it, is this. 

One- I love my glasses enough to make them my branding on my logo etc. 

Two- It took a while to get here. People, including friends and family, because they did not know the damage they could do, made it hard for me to love my glasses, when previously, I had.

Three- Why had I loved them? Because I have very bad, legally blind, vision, and can’t see very well, at all. When I got glasses i was happy because I could I finally see the world that had always been blurry to me. My early child hood memories were blurry, people. 

Four- Because of how much my memories being blurry, and teachers thinking I was stupid when I simply couldn’t see, I developed an unhealthy addiction to my glasses. 

Five- This, coupled with “oh you look better without glasses” comments, led to me wearing contacts for years, often never even taking them out when I sleep because, as mentioned, I hate not being able to see.

Six- I have worked hard to be okay with the function and looks of glasses, I love how my glasses look on my face, more than contacts, and only my opinion matters, so my only issue with glasses is function- Contacts are a bit better in some ways, including range of sight, blind spots, and ability to be fairly active while wearing them. 

Seven- I haven’t had contacts in years. 

Eight- I haven’t had new glasses in a few less, but still more than it should be, years. 

So these thoughts are all backgrounds you should know about, as I searched for my missing glasses arm, and stumbled into the living room. I grabbed some nail glue and was able to mend them. In the end I had to do this a few times, but did finally repair them enough to wear them, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. 

So I fix my glasses the first time, and check my bank account. At this point, I have a little extra money, not much, mind you, but, enough to cover an emergency like this,which is a new occurrence for me. It should be noted this was before I knew ALL unemployment funds were ended (if you were laid off from the pandemic, here in TX, all unemployment funds have ended, even though the economy hasn’t recovered, because our leadership doesn’t care about Texans, only corporate interests and politics.) So, I, thinking I would still have two paychecks this month with which to pay my bills and buy food, opt to call and set up an optical appointment, as my glasses are over four years old, and my eyes need to be checked. 

I then realize with my increased activities, and how bad my headaches have been when I go outside, unable to wear sunglasses because of my glasses, so I consider getting some contacts again. When the optometrist had a deal going for both prescriptions, glasses and contacts, I opt into both, and two days later, I am in a Lyft on the way to get my eyes sorted. 

The appointment was pleasant, a good optometrist, and I got some sample contacts to wear, which was wonderful. The lenses for my glasses and frames would be more expensive there, so I opt to order those online, but, I order my contacts with the optometrist. I realized after these would have likely been cheaper online too, but, it’s long done now. 

Anyways, I pay a small fucking fortune on my vision, and run next door to Big Lots, and buy some sunglasses, so I can rock some eye protection while I wait for my Lyft. All in all, I was pretty jazzed about being able to wear sunglasses, with my mask, for some true face blocking. I loved that. 

Upon arriving home, however, I took my sunglasses off. 

And I hated it. I hated not having my glasses. My old glasses were still a bit broken, but, the lenses were also off, so I didn’t want to wear them much. I ordered my new glasses, but they wouldn’t arrive for at least a week or more. 

Bummer. I ordered some with blue blockers, and then realized it would be annoying to not wear the contacts I had paid a small fortune for, and since the doctor had suggested I get some blue blocker glasses for over contacts if I wanted to wear them during the day so, I opted to order some prescription-less glasses with blue light blockers, to make it easier on my eyes with my content creation, computer work, and video watching, and gaming so, I ordered some glasses for over my contacts. 

At this point, I realized I had to do a bit of reflection, because much as I could say it was for the health of my eyes (and I am so glad I did my head hurts so much less), really, I was hating looking at myself with contacts, and kept wearing my old glasses, hurting my eyes and head. 

The new prescription-less glasses came in, and I was thriving! I am able to see in every direction, as contacts allow you the range of sight to have, but, I was able to enjoy safely protected eyes, less strain and headache from the computer screen, and, the very best part, I could do all of this, all the perks of contacts, and the perks of glasses, with the visual appeal I, the only one who matters, have grown to love. Me, with glasses. 

In the end, I love glasses. I like them on my face, and I don’t give a fuck any other opinion on the matter. 

As it turns out, however, plenty of people think they look great on me, but several notable friends, like Tricia, have been quick to point out that it is more of a glow from within. 

That, ladies and gentleman, is knowing what you like, and having it. 

I like me in glasses, and I get it. And, I can see past the rim of my glasses, and rolling my eyes doesn’t render me blind. On top of this, I can still roll my eyes behind the sass of my glasses, which are as much a part of me as anything on my body. 

I relate to the episode of Daria where she gets glasses, already, but now, in my thirties, I hope Daria also found this place of peace I have found, and with both her and I being writers, I sure do hope she got blue blockers. 

So, fast-forward to today. My new prescription glasses came in, I popped the contacts out, and tried them on. 

It was an adjustment, as new glasses always are, but I loved how they looked, and the clip on sunglasses I got were amazing. Hard to believe the price I got them for, but Zenni is a great resource so huzzuh to that. I am likely to order a few more pairs, when I have the funds. 

Why? Because I explained I don’t like not being able to see, and you never know when disaster will strike, and having an extra set of the thing that allows you to see can save your life. 

Anyways, I love my glasses, and am still getting used to them, and have a delightful fall back of contacts and glasses that I also enjoy. 

All in all, it took several years, but I can finally see clearly and love the thing that lets me see, and love me in it. 

The last part is new, and absolutely has to do with the work I have been doing on loving myself and being a better version of myself, and I am so happy happy that. 

I am on the rise once more, and I can see the journey. I don’t regret the funds spent, even now knowing how much tighter it would become, because I can see, and I can work harder at finding solutions. 

And so I am. 

I encourage you to all make sure your eye health is in good shape and your prescription is up to date. Let me know what your vision is! 

Thanks for reading, 



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