Daily Blog #337: The Halloween Spirit. (Is it Halloween yet?!)

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Does anyone feel like Halloween is taking its sweet time to get here, even though we are all clearly ready for it? Between the Halloween fans like myself, and the people who are excited for the winter holidays, it seems like everyone wants Halloween to hurry up and get here. There is something exciting in the air, not just mercury retrograde, but an exciting buzz of the holiday…

And yet is taking FOREVER to hurry up and arrive.

I want the crisp weather, I want the spooky movies and creepy décor, and I am ready to start the countdown to my birthday and Thanksgiving.

I haven’t even solidified my plans yet, but, I am pretty damn excited for the month, and, to be honest, I am excited for my personal new year. I know we all start over in January, but my birthday coming so close to the end of the year always makes me feel like I get to have my own little new year, a little ahead of the proper one, to begin implementing the changes I want for myself, to better lead the life I want to lead.

This year, I am closer than ever to my own goals, closer normally than I ever am, and not simple goals, but big ones, like where I want to be mentally, the habits I want to have for myself, the stuff that actually leads you to living the life you want to lead.

Every day I am getting closer, I am actively making progress every day, and that blows my mind.

But, much as when I was a child, I am still impatiently waiting for one of my favorite holidays: Halloween.

Some things never change.

So, the air feels like Halloween is like…today, and instead we have ages to go until we get to celebrate. Not ages, but a couple of weeks. I thought about doing a blog post all about Halloween but I haven’t decided if I want to ramble about Samhain for a long while. I have been trying to keep these posts shorter, when feasible, so they are easier to read for some people.

A post all about the history of Halloween wouldn’t be short. Even with great effort, I don’t know how I would.

But none the less let me know if you would like something like that.

Also keep an eye out for some other Halloween related content. I think I my do a post or two about movies I like to watch for Halloween.

Since everything feels like Halloween anyways.

I love this time of year, the whole month of October we prepare and get excited for Halloween, and once it’s awesome magic concludes, we race forward to my birthday and then of course, celebrated by more people, autumn harvest/Thanksgiving, and then tumble headfirst into December where the winter holidays race up to greet us, ready or not. Then, a weird week where nothing seems to get done, which leads to New Years Eve, and New Years Day, where we can all start fresh, work on ourselves, our goals, our lives.

It’s a wonderful time of year, and the wonderfulness is starting now. That is the energy in the air that I feel, the amazing excitement that a whole bunch of awesome is brewing. And even if it isn’t awesome, remember the survivalist rule of three and recall that you can’t last anything more than three seconds without a good mental attitude.

So that’s where I’m at. Eagerly awaiting Halloween, and excited for the following two months full of holidays.

Let me know how you plan to spend the next couple of months, your plans for Halloween even. Are you excited for dressing up or more excited for fresh start? I’m excited for it all, and excited you read my blog.

Thanks for reading,



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