Daily Blog #338- Trick ‘r’ Treat may be the best Halloween movie ever and you all need to watch it.

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Today we are talking about the movie Trick R Treat. This iconic, wonderful Halloween movie is honestly one of my favorite Halloween movies of all time. This awesome movie is told with interwoven vignettes, weaving all sorts of interesting stories and perspectives through a night of Halloween.

I am going to try hard to talk about why this movie is so wonderful, without spoiling anything, but it is hard to, because this movie is just that damn awesome. I truly love it!

I was actually in the middle of writing this blog, and then ended up going to spirit to look for something cute to wear for the holiday ( I will likely do a blog post talking about what I went with, with some pictures, it isn’t a costume as much as a cute outfit I can wear during the year, but you shall see that in time.) and I while I was in spirit I saw all these amazing Trick R Treat things, including costumes of Samhain, light up suckers he carries, and cute signs and bags. I ended up grabbing a tote bag for candy/groceries etc, and I am obsessed with it.

This movie is wonderful, and it is good to see the mainstream starting to find it, as previously it was the movie, I had to show everyone for the first time. Even now, I am having to tell people about the greatness of this awesome movie.

The story (trying to not spoil anything) opens with some comic book panels to introduce the idea of the movie, which essentially boils down to this: Follow the rules and enjoy Halloween.

But what are the rules?


1: Wear a costume

2: Hand out Treats

3: Never blow out a Jack o Lantern

4: Always check your candy.

All in all? Solid Halloween advice. Along the way in this movie, we see people who do not follow the rules, and a few who do. We also get some backstory on this town and some of its “demons” and in the end, only those who followed the rules remain.

It is super hard for me to do reviews and not spoil everything, but the five stories interweave with each other and play off each other. We see a group of girls getting ready for a fun night in costume, with one planning to lose her “virginity”, we have a dad who is trying to do Halloween right for his child, but also his own…”desires”, we see a grumpy old man who wants nothing to do with any of it, we see a group of kids led by a bullying asshole in an angel costume, all kicked off by a couple in the beginning of the film, one who loves Halloween, and one who doesn’t.

All In all, the stories tie together beautifully, showing the town, the holiday, some of the history of both, and, of course, a spooky awesome Halloween good time.

All in all, Trick R Treat is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time, and is maybe one of my favorite overall movies.

Trick R Treat is streaming on Hulu, Amazon, and HBO, so you have plenty of options to watch it…so go watch it.

Happy Halloween!

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