Daily Blog #368: Book Review of “Hunted” Days of Want Series Book Two by T.L. Payne

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Today we are back with another book review, the second book in the Days of Want Series by T.L. Payne, “Hunted”. (Quick disclaimer here from editing Abbi, I know I just posted the first book review, but as I will discuss in the third book review blog for this series, I am reading them quickly and want to review each one, so you all get lots of book reviews right now! More blog content coming soon!)

I wasn’t sure if I should review each book in the series, but, when each book offered its own unique challenges to the characters, the characters exhibited growth and change, I opted to just go ahead and do small reviews of each book, more so since I have been totally sucked into the series. Assuming it wraps up in a nice way, I may go ahead and read a few of the other series in this universe written by the author. (Some spoilers ahead, but not too many if you read the first book)

Book cover for “Hunted”

So, for the second book, we see the survivors finally arrive somewhere safe. Maddie and Emma managed to get to her Uncle Ryan’s farm, and shortly after they arrive, they are joined by her brother, who was also able to make it to safety, and we, the readers, think maybe they will have a chance to breath and relax.

Of course, the best laid plans fall apart, and one weak link, a “lazy good for nothing” brother of one of those who agreed to meet at the farm, lead the governmental goons to their doors, which leads to a firefight, and, sadly, the need to “get outta dodge”, so the group takes off.

The group finds its way to safe place to get Zach some much needed medical treatment from a bug he picked up when he was forced to stay in the terrible living conditions in the FEMA camps, and once he is a little recovered, the group must make their way out of the state, heading towards Maddie and Zach’s family cabin.

Maddie makes an impossible decision to leave Emma with the group they found, for her safety, and they make their way to the Langston Cabin.

As I have mentioned, I don’t want to give TOO much away, so I am glossing over plenty of the excellent storyline and even omitting great characters, because I highly suggest you grab a copy of this book series and dig in! It’s a fun, easy read with lots of twists and turns. Entirely too often, apocalyptic fiction books will make things too easy for the characters, and this is not the case- the characters survive based on luck, smarts, and training.

The creative ways they make their way to safety and avoid the many troubles in the area, including newly freed convicts, showcase the characters unique methods of survival, while also beautifully setting up the challenges that would come to them in later books, something that I can’t praise enough.

It’s good when storylines continue and each thing leads to something else, even if it doesn’t seem obvious at the onset. All in all, the second book in the series builds on the characters we have gotten to know from the first, lets us learn more about them and also learn about new characters, and sets up so much action for later books. I am about to start book six and can say that much of what happens in book two mattered in book five, so definitely I would say this book series is worth the read.

I will continue to review this book series, so be sure to follow/subscribe to the blog so you can not only read about what a good book series this is, but also see the things I learn along the way about the book series.

Definitely check out the series if you like apocalyptic fiction, more so if you shy away from Zombies and prefer the difficulties offered from EMP based apocalyptic situations.

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