Daily Blog #400: Egg Cups Recipe – Great way to meal prep breakfast!

Some of the egg cups – follow me on Snapchat or other socials to see all this stuff in action. @abbigrasso – I will make these again this weekend and maybe take better pictures

In my previous blog post I talked about my inspiration to start blogging again, including sharing recipes, something that, if analytics are to be believed, many of you want.

This inspiration came from a G.Y.S.T-ing Sunday, a day where I was prepping food for the week, making delicious and useful recipes to provide me with healthy and tasty, while still being easy, meals for the week.

So, to make good on my promise, I am going to start dropping these recipes! The first one I attacked on my most recent day of prep, was for breakfast, and it was: Egg Cups.

In order to get right into it and not be one of those annoying blogs that talks forever and doesn’t get into the recipe- let’s get right into it.

Egg Cups:

Now, true to my style, I cook with “I use this much do what you want” style recipe instructions, so here is what I did.

I was making egg cups for myself and Travis to both have breakfasts/snacks for the week, so I was going to make about 24 cups.

I wanted to make broccoli, potato, and cheese egg cups, so to do this I used some frozen potatoes (cooked potatoes work fine, I will drop that recipe soon too so you can use fresh if you would prefer) – Frozen hashbrowns/cubed potatoes, either one works.

A head of broccoli, pepper, no salt since Travis is on low sodium, and cheese.

More of the egg cups, these in silicon cupcake pans. Follow me to see it live – @abbigrasso

The amount of cheese is up to you, I shredded mine, it was about half a block.

I also did a splash of coconut milk in the mixture. So here’s how it all came together:

I steamed the broccoli until it was soft, I microwaved the frozen potatoes, and mixed up about 22 eggs, in a large bowl, with the splash of coconut milk (other milks or regular milk would work fine) added the steamed chopped broccoli, frozen potatoes, and pepper, and a bit of onion powder.

I then filled the muffin cups (feel free to use spray oil- I didn’t but feel free) and then sprinkled the top of the egg mixture in the cups.

Into the oven at 350 Fahrenheit until a fork came out clean- they puff up a little like muffins do, and come out fairly easily from the muffin pans, although they come out easier with a silicon pan, but a nonstick metal pan works well. Some spray may help, but also a butte knife along the edges will also help.

Let the cups cool, and then store them however you wish. Microwave them, depending on your microwave intensity, for thirty seconds to a minute, or if you use an oven, heat on 350 until warm, it only takes a few minutes.

Hopefully these instructions are easy to follow and show you how to make your out amounts and quantities with whatever ingredients you prefer!

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading,


PS- Oh snap! 400 Daily Blog style posts? CRAZY! I was going to write a big post for it, but I want to get back to these recipe blog posts. Maybe sometime soon.


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