Don’t let the zombies get you down merchandise

Hey, so, I am working on eventually making my own line of merchandise, but, as you know, I don’t have the money for the upfront cost. To supply those who want merchandise with it, I have designed some stuff, and thankfully I’m able to offer it to you via teespring. I’ll be using money gained from this shirts to reinvest in the “brand” or whatever it is that people call “building a business” out of your art.

Anyways: here is some stuff I have available thanks to teespring.

Long sleeve
Type one of the two unisex tee shirts
Type two- this one is rumored to have nicer fabrics
A mug, because that’s incredibly on brand for me, amiright?
A tank top!
And a sticker!!

Anyways, this is the first line of merchandise and we shall see how the next line goes!

Merchandise – This is the link to the merch!




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