Daily Blog #305: My thoughts after a week of my new content schedule.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers! 

Today is Saturday evening and I am embarking on yet another weekend of productive self care, but with more focus, and fixing a lot of weeks of neglect, so it is going to be a ton of work, and a ton of self care, and part of that includes doing my blog posts for the week. This one is not to talk about the productive self care I am doing, although if all goes well, my daily blog entry will probably mention it, but, this blog post is actually a little post to talk about my week of my new content schedule and my thoughts on it, and my thoughts on it moving forward. 

So, as I mentioned on a previous blog post, I am working on a new content schedule in which my goal is three blog posts a week and one-two videos a week, with 1-2 TikToks and assorted daily posting on Twitter and Snapchat, the later are pretty easy for me to do without trying too much, but, I have slacked off of Twitter a bit lately. 

But, I stuck to my new schedule, posting both a travel video and a gaming video, and the gaming video had a theme that was also explored in one of my three published blog posts, and I did my two TikToks, and posted to Snapchat semi-often daily, with less on Twitter. 

All in all? I am enormously proud of it. I really loved how it all went together, I liked how I balanced, and more importantly, spent, my time. It was a renewed vigor in what I love doing, content creation. And not for any monetization reason…

The problem is we have made content creation a job, and while that isn’t per-say a problem, it can be hard to make content without the end goal being making money. It can be hard to not want to “niche down” or whatever, it is hard to make content just for yourself, when you are constantly surrounded by everything telling you your content doesn’t mean shit unless it “does the numbers”, or, more importantly, pays the bills. 

Fuck that. 

I will likely never make money with any of my own personal content, any money I make from content creation comes from making content for clients that they then post and make their own. It is me making content they ask, it is me getting b-roll for them, etc etc etc, or editing or making graphics they request…My money is likely never going to come from my own content and that is fine because my goal has always been content that brings contentment, content content. 

So, knowing this, and embracing it, and being actively encouraged, daily, as I mentioned in an older post, has had a big impact on me, and here I am, doing the thing IO love, in between the job hunt and all that jazz. 

And I am seriously fucking loving it. I truly am. Having planned and scheduled content, but not for any purpose other than my own content, my own enjoyment, making what I want and treating it as my own personal scrapbook meets fun hobby…It’s been pretty fucking baller. 

And the views are up, too, not that it matters, since I started taking on this more dedicated to content for myself, being encouraged, all that crap, its amazing, not only is the content more fun to make, easier to do while being encouraged, not only is it all of those things, but, it seems some people do like it and while that doesn’t matter, it is pretty fucking cool to see any amount of anything from your efforts. 

So, thanks to anyone who likes it. If I don’t return your comment here or on my YouTube videos please know it’s likely because I didn’t know the comment was there and now it’s awkward because so long has passed but I will do my best to comment back or in the future do better. 

Anyways, thank you all for being here with me, and I hope seeing how happy I am pushing myself at something I love has made me, and consider trying to do the same. 

You never know until you try, and I really hope you do. 

Thanks for reading, 



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